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ReinVAD - Modern cardiac support

Today, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide and the number of patients is increasing annually. In advanced stages of heart failure, medication is no longer able to treat the patients adequately. Thus, the life of the patients is strongly impaired and there is a high risk of death from progressive cardiovascular disease. The ultimate treatment of end-stage heart failure is heart transplantation. Unfortunately, the limited amount of organ donors restricts this treatment to few patients. As the shortage of donor organs continues to grow, an alternative therapy is vital to many patients suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Mechanical cardiac support systems provide a highly effective therapy for patients with ventricular heart failure. Among all available systems, fully implantable pump systems offer the best mobility and quality of life to the patients. The ReinVAD is an implantable pump system of the latest generation and has already undergone preclinical testing.

The Technology

The ReinVAD is a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) which is an implantable rotary blood pump that supports the activity of the weakened left ventricle. Its state-of-the-art engineering design ensures stable and reliable circulatory support. Moreover, low mechanical stress on blood cells and the best suitable surface material make ReinVAD highly blood and bio-compatible to the native body. Therefore, ReinVAD can improve the patient's quality of life by assisting the diseased heart adequately while minimizing the risk for the patient's body.

Recent Activities



You are interested in joining our development team? We offer part-time jobs for students and we are open to supervise research topics as bachelor- or master-thesis. » Contact


Joint research project

Together with the Chair of Manufacturing Technology (RWTH Aachen University) and the WZL GmbH we acquired the support of the BMWI for a joint research project. Within this project, innovative manufacturing processes will be identified for the ReinVAD system. » Details